About me

Hi there 👋🏼,

I'm Terry Verduijn and I'm 35 years old. I live in the beautiful town Millingen aan de Rijn in The Netherlands. I'm the proud dad of my daughter Nola and married to my wife Robin for over 4 years now.

For eleven years I've been a .NET web developer, creating and maintaining websites and web applications during my day job. I'm currently employed by the global leader in the HR services industry Randstad.

In my spare time I like to work on personal projects, but I've always struggled to finish them. So starting of the 1st of January I'm challenging myself to complete 12 projects in 12 months. My ultimate goal is to create my own software that can make me financially independent. You can follow my progress through this website or on Twitter where I share useful tips, insights and other stuff every day.

When I'm not working on my computer I enjoy CrossFit, running, going for walks with my dog and spending time with my wife and daughter. I can say I have a pretty active social life, with a lot of friends and family living closeby.

Picture of Terry Verduijn Wedding photo from 2019